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Is math merely counting?

I got my first job in 2005. I’ve been dreamed the day for 20 years. I want to work hard and get really good pay. However, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, three month later I got a baby.

Everyone asks me when I’m going to have babynumber two. My mother and father think it’s time. My mother-in-lawandfather-in-law think it’s time. Our neighbors and Stella’s revolving Chinesegrandparents think it’s time. In fact, it’s hard for me to leave the housethese days without being stopped by a random Chinese grandmother in ourcommunity to discuss the pros and cons of Baby 2.

How to make your child fall in love with math? There are three recipes that make math nutritious and tasty: math is life; math is settling the problems; math is communicating with others. If you want your child to be fond of math, communicate with your child frequently and solve the math problem in your child's real life. Why should I lay stress on the development of early math skills in children?

-Are you kidding me?  My career just started; My shinning future is waving in front of me. I got a baby?


Studies show that the better the child's early math ability is, the better both the math and the ability to read are afterwards. Many kindergartens in the United States realize the significance of mathematics. Furthermore, They have already begun to carry out STEM education for young children. STEM (Science, technology,engineering and Mathematics) is science education, and M means mathematics in it.

I knew If I kept it, my workmates will go straight forward to the shinning future and I will remain on the spot for long time. Baby or Career, it a question. What should I do?

My husband and I are conflicted. Baby 2 is in the future, definitely. (Possibly Baby 3, although my husband doesn’t know about that yet。) We look back on the first year of Stella’s life and remember the sleepless nights and the constant feedings. I remind my husband that he’d better be ready to take out the trash, do any heavy lifting,and bow to my every whim if I’m going to give birth to another baby- something that didn’t feel very good the first time around and I’m sure doesn’t get that much better the second。

However, we Chinese parents have a lot of understanding of mathematics based on the impression of exam-oriented education. Maybe they are lack of a systematic understanding of mathematics except that they have done math problems at school. Suppose we regard mathematics as food, in order to cultivate children's mathematical ability, we should give them three thinking packages: Mathematical thinking, geometrical thinking and measurement thinking.

Then My husband said:


Package One: Mathematical thinking

-We will have baby sooner or later, right? Now we have one (let’s have a baby now)”.

Most parents who consider a second little bundle of joy have questions. What is the best age gap between children? Can timing reduce sibling rivalry and create a more harmonious family structure? Let’s turn to the experts to answer some common “tobaby or not to baby” questions。

For the baby, mathematical thinking is understanding numbers and operations. Many of us first get the first mathematical enlightenment by reciting the numbers from 1 to 10, which is really a good method to understand numbers. However, reciting the numbers is not equal to "count" and reciting numbers fluently from memory is not equal to understand the number itself.

- What about my work?


I've met two and a half year old children who could recite the numbers fluently from 1 to 100. His mother was particularly proud of her kid, letting their child show off themselves in front of other adults. When the kid came to me, I said to him :"Great!But can you help me get six kernels of melon seeds?" At this moment, the child couldn’t do as what I said. Instead, he solely scratched a great number of melon seeds, and then handed them to me.

-It’s ok, you have me, honey”

两年之内利弊 Less Than 2 Years Apart:

This is relevant tothe development of children. In general, children approximately two years old cannot distinguish what is the meaning of numbers. Even if he can count the melon seeds one by one, he also don't know that when he says the number"6", he still don’t get the hang of the concept of " six kernelsof melon seeds .”

Nine years later, My baby became a fourth grade primary school student and I’m still a junior staff of our company. One day I met my classmate who entered the same company in the same year. He worked in North Africa for 9 years, and went back recently. He’d already been one of the senior supervisors of our company.  Imagine that our career is like a building, the building has 20 floors, when I’m still in 6 floor, he’d already in16 floor. The fact shocked me, I knew there are some gaps between us, but I never realized how huge the gaps were.

Pros- If you can embrace the intensity and chaos that will inevitably follow a two babies in two years, you may be rewarded within a year or so with kids who entertain each other well and are nicely in sync when it comes to toys and activities.Children born very close together can sometimes form an unbreakable bond。

Generally speaking thechild has the ability to calculate the fuzzy, that is to say the child has the intuitive judgment for relatively small numbers, being able to know that three seeds is more than one seed. However, they don’t develop the accurate calculation ability. If you put five kernels of melon seeds on one side, and the other side place six kernels of melon seeds, then ask them which side has more than the other. Naturally they become confused, for they don’t really understand the meaning of number.

Once I thought maybe it’s because of my early coming baby but I knew it's not. Actually It is because I made my choice. I choose to be a mother and wife rather than a good staff. I spend most of the time on my family and my classmate he spends the same amount of time on work. I thought the housework and babysitting things were all on me and I had no choice. Why did I think in this way?


Children in the age of3 or 4, can slowly understand "number" on behalf of"quantity". While he counts the seeds, from one to six, he knows this is a total number of 6 grain kernels. Only at this time it can be said that he can"count".

Thousands years ago Our ancestors made a lot of rules in order to survive in the savage world. The rules in the past become the traditions of today. As time changed some traditions are no longer suitable. But the traditional ideas are so deep in our minds that we couldn’t help using them in our daily life.

Cons- Money. The benefit of spacing out children is that it allows some time for your wallet and bank account to recover. You can also expect to be in child overdrive. All of those potty accidents, temper tantrums, and sleepless nights double with the addition of a baby two。

Package 2 . Geometrical thinking

“Man should work out and women should stay at home” is the most common one. The view indicates that man should focus on his career and women should take care of the family.


Geometry thinking is also an important mathematical ability.

However when we think through, the concept cannot be sustained at all. Nowadays More and more women go out to work. The root of the traditional view has changed. However most of us including women themselves still believe in “Women should take the main responsibility of families . When there is family or career question, women often feel there is no reason to choose career instead of family. And this explains why I choose to have a baby but not my career.

两到四年内生二胎 2 to 4 Years Apart:

For relatively youngchildren, the use of mathematics is the principle of communication which requires us to play with the children with frequency, use more words describing the shape of the objects, and to guide the children feel various shape andcharacteristics of the items in daily life.

However why couldn’t women have both family and career?

Pros- With your older child heading off for a day of kindergarten fun, you'll get the freedom to bond with your new baby. Siblings are still close enough in age that they enjoy the same kind of toys and games. This may also be a good move career-wise, as it allows for some working time between pregnancies。

When I read a picture book, I guide my child to the illustrations in the picture book. When my daughter can't speak yet, I'll point to the picture and ask her, "baby,look, the water cube is square, and the bird's nest is oval."."Although her speech is not agile, but I actually have cultivate her interest inthe shape of the things deeply in her heart.

Actually we could, As long as both men and women understand that women are not only wives and mothers but also individuals, they also have needs of self-actualized, As long as men could share part of the family duties.

  利 大一点的孩子已经上幼儿园了,这样一来你将有更多时间照顾你的小孩子。孩子们年龄上也不会相差太远,还是可以分享玩具一起做游戏。这也是不错的选择,在生二胎之前你还有一点时间可以工作。

When she grows older,I will encourage her to do graphic associations, such as: "Baby, look,what shape does this ice cream look like? "

After thinking all this through, I talked to my husband.

Cons- A first bornchild who is accustomed to all of the attention may feel resentful when the new baby is introduced into the mix. By quickly showing the older child how toproperly treat and take care of the new baby, firstborn children can better adapt to the new addition. Constantly saying “no” may be seen as taking the newbaby’s side and foster more jealously。

Don't assume that children need to be trained when only they are older or go to school. Research shows that, in general, when the child was 2 years and 6 months, can accurately describe the shape of an object name, they can not only understand the specification of equilateral triangle geometry, but also can understand this kind of nonstandard angle triangle shape, and even developed a an abstractgraph understanding ability like" triangle like pizza ". As for the children who reach two years old, most of them cannot tell the shape of most objects.

-Honey, I’ve been thinking about my career for a while. I realized that I don’t just want to be a good wife and good mum. I want to be successful on my work also.


In addition to language, toys and objects are also good ways to exercise geometric thinking.You can build the blocks or play the jigsaw puzzles with them, leading them to experience conversion between graphs. For example, two triangles can becombined into a square, and the two squares can be combined into a rectangle. To do manual work, we can use the discarded express box, a rectangular carton,plus four round bottle caps to turn into a car.

-Really? I thought you are not interested in your job. Even though I respect your choice.

五年之后再生 5 Years Apart or More:

Package 3 . Measurement thinking

-That’s great, but I need you actual support. Would you please do more housework and take more effort in guidance of child?

Pros- Many parents with children of this age gap feel that taking five or more years between pregnancies is the easiest on a marriage. You’re smarter and more confident as a couple, able to handle the rigors of parenting while still making time to besure your marriage is healthy and happy. The older child is also more mature and may accept the role as “baby helper” with a sense of pride。

Measuring andcontrasting thinking are also important mathematical thinking. To train thesetwo kinds of thinking there is no need to prepare materials on purpose. For children, it's good to give them enough opportunities to explore things around him.

-What about my work?


For relatively small children, focusing on improving the baby's comparative thinking is of great importance. Skillfully use mathematics as the communication principle, we should usually ask our children, "Is this more than that?"""Is that less than this?"" Or"Is this as much as that one?" This kind of question can be used when they are young. When buying fruits at home, we can let our children have a count. For instance, How many apples and oranges are there on the table? Which kind of fruit is less?

-You have me, honey

Cons- With a big age gap, it may be difficult for children to become close friends. For example, a six year old is starting elementary school and no longer interested in “baby things” like playing blocks or going down the little slide on the playground.The return to diapers may be a shock to the system for the adults in the house also。

As our children grow older,we have to try to introduce the concept of sorting. As our children pick up the toys, we may ask her, "Can you put the toys away in order from the big to the small?"" Then, when our children are in the row, we could ask what they think and why they line up all the toys like that, making our children make an attempt to describe what is in their mind. The concept of sorting is the foundation of children's measurement thinking.

After the talking, we reassigned the housework, if I do the cooking, he would do the dishing. If I do the laundry and he would mop the floor. We adjust the work time as well. If I have to work overtime, he would back home on time. If he needs to have business dinner, I would take my work home. Just Ensure there always at least one of us is at home.


When talking to children, we also pay more attention to the word "size","weight", "length" and so on. For example, ask her/him,"who is the shortest in our family?"" Similarly "who is thetallest" and "who is the heaviest" can be asked.

I made one small step, I changed my family. Two years passed, I’ve got promotion and my pay doubled. I love my son more than ever. I know I can go even further on my work.


When the child answers, we must consciously add units of measurement, such as father weighing70 kilograms, and mother 165 cm". In these subtle changes, children realize that numbers are meaningful. They can be used to represent the volume,weight, and quality of matter.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. As long as you know you always have choice, you would make a better life and a better world.

Measuring thinking is more than just height and weight. Many moms and dads know the importance of time management capability. In fact, measuring thinking can also train children'sability to regulate time. Dr Wei said when his daughter was a child, he used toask his daughter the time. For example, when she was playing with toys, he pointed to the clock and said to her, "Ten minutes, it's time fordinner."." To do so, it helps strengthen the child's perception oftime, and secondly, the child has a psychological expectations , and then when time is up, they are more willing to put down toys, and ready to eat.

Our children live in a world of temptations, electronic products, games, video, all of which attract their attention. But mathematics, science, and reading, which seem boring, can stimulate the child's abstract thinking and are important to the child's development.

How do you cultivate your children's interest in math? Parents are the child's first attraction.Many mothers have anxiety because of their childhood's unhappy experiences in math and their connection with negative emotions. A study by the University of Chicago shows that if parents are worried about math, it can infect children and affect their math scores.

If the parents show appreciation to mathematics, combine with the daily life and play with the children do the math, making math "nutritious and delicious", the children are bound to love mathematics like a gourmet.

In the end ,may all of your children fall in love with math.







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